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Automotive Lubricants:
Passenger Vechicle - Motorcycle Oils

Mobil Extra 4T 10W-40

Superior Performance Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

Mobil Extra 4T is a high performance, semi-synthetic blend technology four-stroke motorcycle engine oil developed to provide boosted engine cleanliness and protection for all types of motorcycles and operation.

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Passenger Vehicle

Mobil Special 4T 20W-50

Four-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

Mobil Special 4T is a general performance four-stroke motorcycle engine oil intended for lubrication of small four-stroke engines.

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Mobil Extra 2T

Superior Performance Two-Stroke Engine Oil

Mobil Extra 2T is a high performance; semi-synthetic, smokeless, two-stroke engine oil developed to meet for high performance motorcycles, snowmobiles and chain saws. Mobil Extra 2T is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing when added to fuel.

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