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Automotive Lubricants:
Industrial Lubricant

For over a century, ExxonMobil has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants and greases for industrial machineries, with in-depth industry expertise, programs and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity. Mobil SHC industrial oils have been designed for use in conventional gear boxes, wind turbines gearboxes, compressor oils, hydraulic oils, oils for food machinery, greases and circulation oils.

Products Application

Turbine Oils

Mobil™-branded industrial lubricants can help protect your gas and steam turbines.

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Gas Engine Oils

ExxonMobil offers specially formulated high-performance lubricants for a variety of engine technologies, including the latest stationary natural gas engines.

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Gear Oils

Enhance your productivity with Mobil SHC Gear synthetic industrial gear oils

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Mobil-branded greases – whether mineral or synthetic oil based – are engineered smart right from the start.

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Energy efficiency relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with ExxonMobil's standard hydraulic fluids

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Refrigeration Oils

Mobil™ branded refrigeration compressor oils are specially formulated to perform in extreme temperature environments.

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Metal Processing

Mobil™ branded metal processing oils are a leading choice for cooling and lubrication fluids used in metalworking processes.

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Compressor Oils

Mobil™ branded air compressor oils provide excellent wear protection.

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Food Grade Oils

Engineered to help ensure food safety and quality.

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Oil & Gas

We can help in oil and gas exploration and production.

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Circulation Oils

Mobil DTE™ Oil Named Series circulating lubricants provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

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